Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry (COM) of the Diocese of California is established in accordance with the canons of the Episcopal Church in the United States, “In each Diocese there shall be a Commission on Ministry consisting of Clergy and Lay Persons” (Title III, canon 2) and Canons of the Diocese of California (canon XIV). The work of the Commission on Ministry is concerned with the discernment of and call to ministry for all baptized persons. A primary focus is guiding and examining aspirants, postulants, and candidates in their discernment process for Holy Orders as well as making its recommendations to the bishop and Standing Committee.

Commission on Ministry members:

  • Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain (co-chair)
  • Beth Phillips (co-chair)
  • Justin Canon 
  • Kathy Crary 
  • Will Crockett 
  • Beth Foote
  • Davey Gerhard 
  • Mary Carter Greene
  • Jennifer Nelson
  • Cameron Partridge
  • Brad Peterson
  • Karma Quick-Panwala
  • Barbra Ruffin-Boston
  • Jeri Robinson
  • Michael Romero
  • Lori Walton 
  • Jay Watan
  • Mary Wood


For more information about the COM, discernment in daily life, and discerning a call to Holy Orders visit our discernment resources page.