Discernment Resources

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Discernment is a set of practices to determine God’s will in our lives. Discernment has both individual and communal aspects; That is to say, it is about the individual, the community of the church, and the movement of the spirit. If you feel God is calling you to a new form of ministry, speak to your rector or vicar about forming a local discernment committee. Check out the links below for discernment resources:

Discernment for Ordained Ministry

I am thinking about ordained ministry and I wish to submit a form to begin the process!

Assessments for COM, Standing Committee, and Bishop

I am a member of COM, standing committee, or the bishop and need to submit an assessment.

Supporting Others in Discernment for Ordained Ministry

Someone I know is thinking about ordained ministry and I wish to submit a form for them. e.g., if you are a vestry or bishop’s committee, lay discernment committee, sponsoring priest, personal reference, seminary staff or faculty, CPE supervisor, field ed supervisor, etc.

Discernment for Lay Ministry

I am thinking about lay ministry and would like to learn more about opportunities in the diocese. For lay licensing, or to learn about other opportunities in the Diocese contact the vocations.

For more information, contact Dr. Travis Stevens vocations@diocal.org