Bishop Marc’s statement on the death of Senator Dianne Feinstein

San Francisco, California, the United States, and the world have lost a true champion of compassion, justice, and courage with the death of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Sheila and I arrived in California after many of the historic acts of Supervisor, Mayor, and Senator Feinstein, and those stands and actions, along with many others over the last seventeen years, have influenced and inspired me.

While serving as Bishop of the Diocese of California, I watched with gratitude and admiration as she shone a light on CIA-sponsored torture and called for the closure of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. Her role in the impeachments of the former President, Donald Trump were also important contributions to the health of our democracy.

Senator Feinstein’s commitment to service has been monumental, matched only by such paragons as Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi. Let us pray for Senator Feinstein’s family and friends, among whom included my predecessor, Bishop Bill Swing. May we continue to be blessed by her trailblazing work and find further hope and inspiration in the public servants who succeed her.

+Marc Handley Andrus

Ellie Simpson
Author: Ellie Simpson



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