Announcing new leadership of the Diocesan Disaster Preparedness & Response Committee

May 25, 2023 | #DidYouKnow, #News&Events, #Stories

We’re pleased to announce that Elaine Vallecillo-Miller has been tapped to serve as interim head of the Diocese of California’s Disaster Preparedness and Response Team. Elaine graciously agreed to take on this important role following the departure of the Rev. Jane McDougle, who recently stepped down to enjoy her well-deserved retirement after serving vicar of Holy Innocents, San Francisco. The committee is tremendously grateful for Jane’s many years of dedicated service to disaster planning and response, which included advising the diocesan COVID-19 Response team through the most challenging years of the pandemic.

Elaine Vallecillo-Miller represents the South Alameda Deanery on the Executive Council, is a longtime member of the Diocesan Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee, serves as a liaison between the Red Cross and St. James, Fremont, and acts as St. James’ congregational disaster coordinator.

Elaine continues to hone her disaster preparedness knowledge and skills through various training courses. She is currently taking classes offered by SF Card, a nonprofit offering disaster planning education and consulting services to faith-based organizations.

A time-sensitive request from Elaine for clergy, lay leaders, and church administrators:

If your congregation has a disaster coordinator, please ask them to reach out to her; she would like to organize a meeting for them soon:

Ellie Simpson
Author: Ellie Simpson