Resolutions and Memorial from the Diocese of California (passed in Diocesan Convention):

Jun 8, 2022 | #DiocesanConvention

C009: Mandates Anti-Racism & Racial Reconciliation Training for the House of Deputies

C015: Carbon Sequestration – Creates An Internal Carbon Offset Program

C016: Climate Change – Carbon-Intensive Lending

C017: Assessing the Church’s Response to COVID-19

M003: Racial Justice & Reconciliation Memorial

Resolutions officially proposed by Diocese of California deputies

(DioCal deputies listed in italics)

D020: Addressing Implications of the Digital Age – proposer: Sarah Lawton; endorsers: Cameron Partridge, Alan Murray (Oregon)

D022: Respecting the Human Rights of Religious and Ethnic Minorities in China – proposer: Sarah Lawton; endorsers: Cameron Partridge, Alan Murray

D023: Support for Care Workers – proposer: Sarah Lawton; endorsers: Laura Russell (Newark), Joe McDaniel (Central Gulf Coast)

D024: Conditioning U.S. Military Assistance on Human Rights – proposer: Karma Quick-Panwala; endorsers: Sarah Lawton, Laura Russell (Newark)

D029: Affirming Non-Binary Access and Leadership – proposer: Cameron Partridge; endorsers: Sarah Lawton, Lisa Fry (Maine)

D030: Develop Resources and Training for Welcoming and Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Persons and Families – proposer: Cameron Partridge;   endorsers: Sarah Lawton, Lisa Fry (Maine)

D043: Abolish or Modernize the Electoral Count Act of 1887 – proposer: Warren Wong; endorsers: Eric Metoyer, Sarah Lawton. With thanks to Emily Hopkins, Laura Curlin, and Christopher Hayes for their many contributions to this resolution — it was a DioCal deputation effort!

Other Resolutions officially endorsed by Diocese of California deputies:

D031: Opposition to Detention and Surveillance of Immigrants and Asylum-Seekers – proposer: Greg Millikin (Chicago); endorsers: Sarah Lawton, Glenna Huber (Washington), David Wacaster (Washington)

D046: Supporting Child Welfare Systems and Foster Care – proposer: Janelle Grant; endorsers: Sarah Lawton, Laura Russell (Newark)

D047: Addressing Our Models for Mission and Ministry – proposer: Laura Russell (Newark); endorsers: Sarah Lawton, Cynthia Black (Newark)

D048: Supporting Public Investment in Post-High School Education and Training – proposer: Laura Russell (Newark); endorsers: Sarah Lawton, Cynthia Black (Newark)

Resolutions brought by Interim Bodies led by Diocese of California people:

House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church (chair: Chris Rankin-Williams)

A097: Evaluating Experiments in Adaptive Change

A098: On Online Tools for Adaptive Leadership

A099: Research Capacity for The Episcopal Church

A132: Task Force to Study Congregational Vitality Indicators

A155: Revising the Parochial Report Finance Page

A156: Establishing a Task Force on the State of Membership in The Episcopal Church

Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (chair: Paul Fromberg)

A005: Translations of Enriching Our Worship and the Book of Occasional Services into Spanish, French, and Haitian Kreyol

A006: Authorize the Book of Occasional Services, 2021

A007: Authorize Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2018

A008: Additional Calendar Commemorations

A009: Revision of Existing Calendar Commemorations

A010: Lesser Feasts and Fasts Revision Principles

A011: Develop Local Commemorations

A012: Commons for Local Calendar Commemorations

A013: A Plan for Clarifying the Calendar of The Episcopal Church

A014: Additions to the Book of Common Prayer Calendar

A015: Authorize Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Prayer C (Expansive Language) for Trial Use

Task Force on Theology of Social Justice Advocacy (chair: Sarah Lawton)

A078: Imagining a Church Grounded in Social Justice as Christian Ministry

Standing Commission on Structure, Governance, Constitution, and Canons (member: Christopher Hayes)

A031-A047; A111-A124; A146-A153; A159 — many canon and constitution changes proposed

Task Force on Church Planting and Congregational Development (member: Eric Metoyer)

A095: Celebrate and Support the Planting of New Episcopal Communities

A096: Develop Sustainable Congregational Revitalization Ministries

Task Force on Liturgical and Prayer Book Revision (members: Ruth MeyersCameron Partridge)

A057: Continuing Liturgical and Prayer Book Revision

A058: Resolution on Official Liturgical Website for The Episcopal Church

A059: Amend Article X of the Constitution of The Episcopal Church (First Reading)

A060: Endorse Guidelines for Expansive and Inclusive Language

Executive Council (member: Warren Wong)

A049: Host and conduct a second Building Beloved Community Conference by or before 2024 

A050: Support collaborative efforts with Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) to place historical markers

A051: Improve recruitment, hiring, appointment retention and representation of People of Color within The Episcopal Church

A052: Revise the Mandate of the Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism and Reconciliation

A053: Ensure the vital role of the Episcopal HBCUs in building The Beloved Community

A054: Create a Task Force on Senior Wellness and Positive Aging

A055: Receive and Study Proposal of Ecumenical Dialogue with Presbyterians (PCUSA)

A140: Urge The Episcopal Church and Constituents to Designate Indigenous Peoples’ Day

A141: Develop Indigenous and Native Liturgical Resources

A142: Re-establishment of the Standing Commission on Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations

A143: Resolution to Fund Staff Position for Office of Pastoral Development


A070: Creating an Online Stewardship Collaborative – Ron Hermanson has actively been tracking and encouraging this as part of his work with Province VIII.

We are expecting some more resolutions, including from Deputies of Color, which includes Eric Metoyer, Debbie Low-Skinner, Jennifer Nelson, Mauricio Wilson, Warren Wong; and the LGBTQI Caucus, which includes Cameron Partridge and Christopher Hayes; plus one on surrogacy (Sarah) and disability (Karma).

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