Discernment for Ordained Ministry

Curious about becoming a priest or deacon? We believe that discernment for ordained ministry is the shared work of the person discerning their call together with the church. We have a process in place that follows Church-wide canon as well as our own diocesan customs that guides someone discerning a call to the priesthood or diaconate.

The discernment process for ordained ministry includes several different stages:

The person in the discernment process is responsible for keeping track of all requirements and deadlines. This website contains all the relevant information, but we also have a handy chart that provides a helpful visualization of the process as a whole, as well as a checklist of requirements by each stage.

1. First Steps of Discernment

Start here if you are considering ordained ministry. 

2. Nomination

A community nominates a person for holy orders and introduces them to the diocese.

3. Postulancy

Postulancy is a time of formation and preparation for ordained ministry.

4. Candidacy

Candidacy is the last step of preparation for ordained ministry.

5. Diaconal Ordination

Access application materials for diaconal ordination.

6. Priestly Ordination

Access application materials for priestly ordination.