Clergy Report Forms

All clergy active in the Diocese of California (canonically resident or licensed to officiate) must complete a Continuing Education and Training Reporteach year as required by the 2003 Diocesan Convention. Click here for information and FAQs regarding continuing education and training. Click here to view the Canons

Additionally, any active clergy not currently affiliated with a congregation in the Diocese of California, must also complete the Report of Non-Parochial Ministry (formerly “Non-Parochial Report”). Click here for more information about clergy whose ministries are not in parochial reports.   

All retired clergy are asked to complete a Retired Clergy Report. They are not required to complete the Continuing Education and Training form. However, if retired clergy are serving in any ministry setting, they are strongly advised to meet the guidelines for anti-racism and safe-church training and encouraged to pursue continuing education.
Click on the links below in order to reach the online forms. Please complete the required form(s) by April 30. If you have questions, please email Denise Obando,