Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors


Eucharistic Ministry and Visiting training requires six to eight weeks of preparation before licensing. Those desiring to participate in the ministry should follow the steps below in partnership with their clergy.

1. Download one or both courses

2. Working with clergy or designated lay leaders, spend 6-8 weeks going over the materials in the downloadable course.

3. After the downloadable course is completed, register for a diocesan training for licensing.

4. At the completion of the diocesan training, participants will receive their certificates as licensed Eucharistic Visitors or Eucharistic Ministers.

Training is arranged around the diocese with the goal of holding a training within each deanery every calendar year, or as the needs arise.  Churches who would like to host should contact Amy Cook (  Information about upcoming training events will be announced in the weekly diocesan email newsletter. (click HERE to subscribe to the weekly emails.) Training dates will also be posted on the Diocesan Calendar.