Discernment Resources

Discernment Handbooks

The Commission on Ministry (COM) of the Diocese of California has prepared these handbooks for those seeking the ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church. If you are considering a call to ministry, begin with the first document, Discerning Your Call to Ministry.

Preliminary Discernment

Prior to beginning a formal diocesan discernment process, inquirers participate in a diocesan Day of Discernment. Contact us to inquire about the next Day of Discernment. Inquirers who wish to continue discerning then undertake a 12-week self-study entitled “Time of Discernment.” Notify the Vocations Officer at vocations@diocal.org of your intent to begin Time of Discernment, and then download the materials here.


Ordination Forms

Other Resources

For more information, contact the Rev. Anna Rossi, Interim Vocations Officer at vocations@diocal.org.