Addressing Anti-Asian Racial Bias and Violence

In response to the recent shootings and discrimination against Asians, the Rev. Debra Low-Skinner former Chair of DioCal’s Asian/Pacific Islander Commission created a list of resources to share ways in which everyone can stand in solidarity with the Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) community to oppose anti-Asian American bias and violence. 

* All are invited to the EAM’s “Stop Asian Hate,” gathering of Episcopal Asians and allies for time for lament, healing, action and solidarity in response to the rising tide of violence against Asians and Pacific Islanders.
Date and time: This Saturday, March 27, 2021 from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M PDT 

This event will feature, within the context of liturgy a message from the Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church, The Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry and testimonies from Bishop Allen Shin, Suffragan Bishop of New York; the Rev. Debbie Low-Skinner, Vicar of Christ Church Sei Ko Kai in San Francisco; Deacon Prisca JuYoung Lee-Pae from the Diocese of Long Island; and lay leader Bai Xiong from Holy Apostles Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Rev. Bayani Rico, EAM Council President and the Rev. Dr. Fred Vergara, Episcopal Asiamerica Missioner will provide a joint welcome.
There will be statements of solidarity from across racial, cultural and religious groups. There will be small groups to process sharing, listening and proposing practical actions. Appropriate music of lamentation, peace and hope from Asian sources will be included. Find more information about the event here
Please register asap at…/tJwpceGqrT8iGNfD2url35TnsAZHU_NVbfkW

The Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries (EAM) of the Episcopal Church consists of nine (9) Ethnic Convocations (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islanders, Arab-Middle Eastern, and the Asian American Youth and Adults).

* A letter issued by Suffragan Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Allen Shin, of the Diocese of New York addressing the recent mass shootings in Atlanta. His letter describes his personal experience with anti-Asian verbal abuse and the history in this country of anti-Asian acts of exclusion, discrimination, lynchings, internments, and other acts of violence.

Read letter: here

* The 1-3/4 recording of the March 18th Zoom on-line weekly briefing to faith leaders by the San Francisco Interfaith Council (SFIC) that addressed anti-Asian racial violence.  I began the event with a short description of my personal experiences growing up Chinese American in San Francisco and then concluded with a prayer, which included a prayer petition from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The main speaker of the SFIC event was Cynthia Choi, Co-Executive Director of Chinese for Affirmative Action; her presentation gave the latest statistical information from #StopAAPIHate.  Over the past 12 months, there has been an 155% increase in incidents of anti-Asian hate (from verbal abuse, spitting, and physical violence).  Most incidents have happened in California and New York.  Most incidents have been committed on Chinese Americans. During the Q&A, panelist Dr. James McCray, Jr. of Tabernacle Community Development, gave a powerful statement of how racism is a virulent pandemic and how education and awareness can help seed the antibodies to fight it and institutional racism.?


Rev. Debra Low-Skinner prayer: here

Zoom screenshots: 

* A recent op-ed from the “Seattle Times” that describes the long history of anti-Asian bias and violence, based on misogyny and the sexual-objectification of Asian women.  The author Hye-Kyung Kang, Chair of the Social Work Department at Seattle University wrote:

“How to fight against anti-Asian violence? Hold our society accountable for the racism, colonialism and misogyny that render such violence possible, and put our lives at the center. Let us tell our own stories.'”

Read article here

* Hollaback partner with the Asian American Advancing Justice|AAJC to offer free Bystander intervention training to stop anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment

Learn more about workshops and resources: here