Assessment Appeals

2023 Assessment Appeals Process and Guidelines

(Updated March 1, 2023)

The Process

The following steps will help you complete the proccess for appealing an assessment.

1. Complete the application below. Save your entries as you go. You can close the program and return to the application. The application can be submitted only after all entries have been completed.

2. Once submitted, the application is automatically sent to the Diocesan CFO. 

3. The CFO forwards the application to the Assessment Committee who may contact the applicant for clarification and/or additional information.

4. After Assessment Committee review a recommendation may be made to Executive Council to approve the relief.

5. If granted, the applicant receives a reduction in their assessment which appears as a credit on their statement. 

Start your Assessment Appeal application!

Access the Assessment Appeal application and begin the process today.

The deadline to submit is September 30th.

Extensions are NOT available. 


Who is eligible to apply for assessment relief?

Parishes and missions who have conducted pledge drives, have developed plans for costs overruns or additional expenses, have used reserves reasonably, have taken cost cutting measures, and whose financial challenges are not due primarily to declining membership and/or income.

Does the relief need to be repaid?

No. The relief approved by Executive Council is a forgiveness of the obligation to pay the designated assessment.

Are we eligible for relief every year?

Assessment relief is intended to be used for extraordinary, non-recurring circumstances. Relief cannot be granted for more than three consecutive years. 

Is the relief for the current year or future year(s)?

  Relief, if granted, is for the current year.

What is the deadline for the application?

September 30th.

Is an extension to apply available?

No. In order for the Committee to review the applications and make recommendations to the Executive Council at the November meeting, the deadline is firm.