Diaconal Ordination


Ordination to the Diaconate will occur as either a transitional diaconate or a vocational diaconate.


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Mandated trainings and requirements

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Supporting Documentation

Congregational endorsement, Ed Year Final report — 2nd site, Intern Year Final report, if applicable, and Certificate or Degree and Final Transcript are submitted here. Note that digital signatures are required of the Congregation. These can be individual image files (.pdf, .jpg, etc.) or the whole body may sign a blank sheet of paper, and the submitter can upload a single file on the body’s behalf.  

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Assessment, Recommendations, and Decisions

The application for Ordination to the Diaconate is assessed by an interview with the Commission on Ministry (COM), a review by the Standing Committee, and a decision from the Bishop. Forms for Assessment, Recommendations, and Decisions can be found here:

Commission on Ministry

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Standing Committee

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