Whole and Healthy Church


Whole & Healthy Church is the Diocese of California’s comprehensive policy of guidelines and procedures that enables us to proactively work in a way that can protect our beloved community. These new policies are centered around protecting bodies and souls, hearts and minds.

It is expected that all clergy canonically resident and licensed to officiate within the Diocese of California will receive, read, and understand the Whole & Healthy Church Policies and Procedures (in English or Spanish) and to send a signed copy of the acknowledgement letter (in English or Spanish) to the diocesan office.

    Title IV & Reporting

    If you wish to give information regarding an offense by someone who is not clergy, you may contact Caren Miles, carenm@diocal.org.

    You can also fill out this online form and someone will get back to you: https://diocal.wufoo.com/forms/confidential-notice-of-concern/

    If you wish to give information regarding an offense of a member of the clergy in this diocese, contact one of the Intake Officers listed below, or call the diocesan office, 415-869-7815.

    Jack Fagan, Canon Director of Operations at Grace Cathedral, jackf@gracecathedral.org
    Caren Miles, Associate for Faith Formation, carenm@diocal.org

    Oficiales de la Diocesis de California para iniciar contacto:

    Si usted desea dar información en cuanto a una ofensa de un miembro del clero en esta diócesis, póngase en contacto con uno de los Oficiales de Contacto en la lista debajo, o llame a la oficina diocesana 415-869-7815.

    Jack Fagan, Canon Director of Operations at Grace Cathedral, jackf@gracecathedral.org
    Caren Miles, Associate for Faith Formation, carenm@diocal.org

      Online Training and Background Checks

      Currently all adults who work with youth, children, or vulnerable adults, keyholders, employees, vestries, and volunteer leaders should complete a background check and training. For more specifics of who needs a background check and which online training courses, please click button below for table

      To participate in the online training and background check, talk to your clergy or ministry leader. 
      (online training requests will be available online after Christmas)

      For questions about training and background check services, please contact Caren Miles, Whole & Healthy Church Coordinator, carenm@diocal.org, 415.869.7815. 

      Upcoming In-Person Training

      In person training takes about 2 hours and can be arranged by contacting Caren Miles, Whole & Healthy Church Coordinator, carenm@diocal.org.


      Sample documents: