Peace, Justice, and Hunger Commission

The mission of the Peace, Justice and Hunger Commission is guided by the Baptismal Covenant “to strive for justice and peace among all people.” The Commission supports and encourages, through mini-grants, groups in the Diocese that focus on social justice and poverty issues.

Organizations whose work PJH has supported include programs:

To bring peace to our communities

2019 mini-grants include new signs for Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere’s monthly “Stand Ins” where the members of SAVE stand with families and community to call for an end to homicides, and art supplies for Vision Quilt, whose mission is to empower communities to create solutions to gun violence through the power of art and inclusive dialogue.


To bring comfort to the hungry

Mini-grants have supported food pantries, and the Community Ambassador Program, which gives grocery store giftcards to homeless people CAP employs to help clean homeless areas.

To bring justice

2019 mini-grants include helping an EFL program for immigrants buy a projector, curriculum materials and wifi, and support for the National Equal Justice Association to  expand theor 2019 Campaign to Abolish Prison Slave Labor.

Mini-Grant Applications

Applications from small, local nonprofits are encouraged. For an application, or if you have questions or would like to join the Commission, please email