The Ven. Carolyn Bolton: archdeacon for the East Bay installed

Posted on November 13, 2012

Almost two hundred friends and well-wishers agreed to support and uphold the Ven Carolyn Bolton in her new ministry as the Diocese of California’s new archdeacon for the East Bay during a solemn evensong. The installation took place on Wednesday, November 7, at St. Paul’s, Oakland, where she is currently assigned as deacon. As the archdeacon for the East Bay, Bolton will be a resource person and conduit between the bishop and the deacons serving in East Bay churches. Bishop Marc avoided rush hour traffic and BARTed from San Francisco to the service. Bolton’s two daughters read the lessons, the Ven. Brian Barnes, archdeacon for Marin, San Francisco, and the Peninsula, was her presenter, and the Rev. Dr. Katherine Ward was the preacher. David’s Hurd’s Sewanee Settings was sung by the choir.

photo: Karla Morris