Turney Raises $8,348 to Combat AIDS

Posted on June 17, 2008

Anthony Turney stops along the route of AIDS Lifecycle.Along with some 2,500 other riders and a support crew of 500, Archdeacon Anthony Turney successfully and safely completed the seven-day AIDS LifeCycle 7 Ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Inclusive of a few side trips en route to nearby Starbucks’ for necessary sustenance, he traveled a total of almost 550 miles. Anthony says that more importantly, because of the generosity of the family, friends and colleagues who supported him, he raised $8,348.  The total raised by the event was over $11.6 million for HIV/AIDS-related services in San Francisco and Los Angeles..

“The Ride is an extraordinary experience that’s hard to describe,” says Anthony.  “Together, the riders and the “roadies” – all 3,000 of us – demonstrated the power, the resilience, the tenacity and the compassion of the human spirit and what is best about humankind.  We all learned that we were capable of making the seemingly impossible a reality – including climbing hills with names like “Quad Buster,” “The Evil Twins” and “The Wall!” We learned that a group of people, regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, can live harmoniously, respectfully and joyfully. We learned that a group of individuals, when united toward a common goal, can accomplish far more than any of us alone might have otherwise managed. We learned to live in the company of heroes. I am so very grateful for all the encouragement and support I received. It was a deep honor and a great pleasure to make the journey that was AIDS LifeCycle 7.”