Nominations deadline extended to September 15

Posted on August 24, 2010

The Nominating Committee has received nominations for the elected offices at Diocesan Convention.  However, some of the offices either have no nominees or only one nominee. The chair of the Nominating Committee, the Rev. Ronald Culmer, has offered to extend the deadline to September 15. All nominations, biographical information and large format photos should be sent to by September 15.


Canon 16.h.(iii) calls for the Nominating Committee to “make its best efforts to assure that at least two qualified nominees are proposed to Convention for each elected office or position, and, in the event of a multimember committee, that at least one seat will be contested.”


The following offices lack sufficient numbers of nominees to ensure contested elections: Secretary of Convention; Treasurer of Convention; Standing Committee in the Clergy Order; Executive Council in the Lay Order; Nominating Committee, Clergy or Lay; Provincial Synod Delegate, Lay Order; General Convention Deputy, Lay Order.


After September 15, it will still be possible to make nominations from the floor. The Rules of Order of Diocesan Convention (5.1) state the requirements for nominations from the floor: “No seconds are required. In placing a name in nomination, the following are required: 1) the name and position held by the person being nominated; 2) prior consent given by the individual to be placed in nomination; and 3) biographical material prepared and distributed.”


Nomination forms and a biographical information questionaire are available online.