New guidelines for vocations

Posted on January 18, 2011


During the period of Advent 2009 to Advent 2010 the Commission on Ministry of the Diocese of California undertook an examination of the diocesan discernment/vocations process. The goal was to identify and address problematic and/or confusing aspects of the process and its associated documents. The result of that work is a new set of guidelines and process documents that are clear and firmly in line with both the canons of the Episcopal Church national and the diocesan canons.
The new Guidelines for Those Seeking Holy Orders and the associated process documents are now online and can be downloaded from the DioCal website. The link is found under the Resources/Discernment tab or by clicking here. The stated guidelines in the new document are to be followed by everyone entering the discernment process in the Diocese of California after December 2010.
Please note that all individuals in discernment for Holy Orders must complete the “Day of Discovery” (renamed “Day of Discernment) and “Time of Discovery” (renamed “Time of Discernment”) before they can be considered for attendance at a Vocations Conference. The “Day of Discernment” will be offered as a one-day workshop and the “Time of Discernment” is a 12-week mentored self-study. Both the “Day of Discernment” and “Time of Discernment” are useful instruments for vocational discernment by anyone, lay or ordained, and are not intended solely for those seeking HolyOrders.,
The 2011 Vocations Conference is scheduled for Saturday, March 12 and will be held at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific. Anyone who has not submitted all of the Nomination and Postulancy documents by mid-February (at the latest) will not be eligible to attend. This includes a final reflection for “Time of Discovery”.
If you have questions about the new documents or the upcoming Vocations Conference please contact the Rev. Robyn Arnold at the diocesan vocations office.