Episcopal Charities launches its new vision

Posted on February 10, 2009
Bishop Marc attends the Episcopal Charities Night of Light "Hats Off" gala.

More than 330 people took their Hats Off to Episcopal Charities’ (EC) new vision at a gala on Saturday, February 7 at the Ritz Carlton, San Francisco. Guests wore hats exhibiting their extraordinary creativity or hats that told a story. Headgear ranged from berets and baseball caps to turbans and amazing jungle fowl.

The fifth annual Episcopal Charities Night of Light: Hats Off to Our New Vision, honored Episcopal Charities Board member Phil Pillsbury, Jr., for his work on behalf of the poor in the Bay Area and for his commitment to St. Luke’s Hospital. Phil’s contagious enthusiasm and energy for projects that help the poor have been the foundation of his leadership.

In a video and in their remarks, Bishop Marc and several Episcopal Charities Board members outlined EC’s new vision: To maximize its impact for positive change by identifying agencies and initiatives that are at a critical juncture where EC’s financial support, combined with the human resources offered by Episcopal Charities Action Networks, parishes, and individuals, will have a significant effect.

EC is creating Action Networks in each of two focus areas -- healthcare and education --drawing members from parishes, Episcopal Charities Partner Agencies, and those outside the Episcopal Church who are interested in working together to address root causes of poverty. Action Networks will give hands-on support to projects that they identify, and EC will award grants to the qualified agencies and initiatives that run those projects.

For more information and to join an Action Network, visit www.episcopalcharities.org