DioCal bids bon voyage to Heminger

Posted on July 27, 2010

In the Diocese of California we abide by the Associated Press’ style guidelines in this and other publications. This article is an exception.


Anne HemingerAnyone who has had trouble registering for events on the www.diocal.org website, or who has discovered glaring mistakes in DioBytes, has probably communicated with diocesan communications associate Anne Heminger. Although Anne is rarely the source of such troubles, she has frequently helped many to navigate the sometimes-difficult technologies at the Diocese of California. To those of you who have had the opportunity to work closely with Anne, we are sorry to say that she’s leaving the diocese to conduct graduate studies in musicology at Clare College, Cambridge. 
Anne is a remarkably brilliant young woman and was one of 30 scholars out of 800 applicants to receive a Gates Foundation scholarship for her graduate studies. She plans to focus her studies at Clare on Reformation music and her current musical knowledge is nothing less than encyclopedic.


Anne loves choral singing and she is a member of both Grace Cathedral’s Camerata and the Alumnae Chorus of the San Francisco Girls Chorus. 
Anne came to the diocese in the fall of 2008 to do basic administrative support work, but when her colleagues recognized her creativity and her efficient work style, she soon took on many more responsibilities. The new layout for Pacific Church News was designed by Anne, and she has led the design and production of all diocesan publications since. She is a scrupulous editor with a profound dislike of excessive capitalization and use of exclamation points, and she is an unapologetic defender of the Oxford comma (which apparently did not inhibit her acceptance to Cambridge). 
Although we will miss Anne and her incredible ability to get the job done, we delight that she is pursuing a career that will feed her creative soul. Anne is a truly gifted young woman.

We also welcome Francesca Pera (francescap@diocal.org) who will be taking on Anne’s duties as communications associate for the diocese. Francesca is a fine artist with remarkable background in communications, design, and marketing, and she has spent the past two weeks shadowing Anne and getting to know the diocese. We look forward to working with Francesca and we know you will find her to be a delightful and creative addition to the diocesan staff.