Deacon’s Day 2014

Posted on July 22, 2014

The Rt Rev Marc Handley Andrus met on Saturday, July 19, with more than 25 of the vocational deacons of the Diocese of California at St. James’/La Iglesia del Santiago in Oakland. The Rev. Brian Barnes and the Rev. Carolyn Bolton, Archdeacons of the diocese, regularly convene these gatherings as a time for all the deacons to be in conversation with their bishop. 

Bishop Marc introduced several topics, including the commencement of a curriculum review for the School of Deacons (SFD).  Under the leadership of Dr. Roderick Dugliss, SFD continues to serve as a pre-eminent program for education and formation. This review is part of the normal institutional practice for this important institution of the diocese and is being led by the Rev. Franklin Sterling, president of the Board of Trustees for SFD, together with the Rev. Nina Pickerell and the Rev. Kwasi Thornell of the diocese and the Rev. Dr. D.H. Kortright Davis of the Howard University School of Divinity. To conclude the morning, the bishop presided at Holy Eucharist preaching on the texts for Macrina (Monastic and Teacher, 379) according to Holy Women, Holy Men.

The day included time for the introductions of new deacons and the meeting of “old” friends. Finally, the deacons learned about a free telephone program of Episcopal Senior Services called Senior Center without Walls by Amy Schaible, community outreach manager. Connections among the deacons continued on Facebook after Canon to the Ordinary Stefani Schatz posted their photo and asked, “What do we call a group of deacons?” Answers included: a collect, a force, a grace, a humble, a serving, a discomfort, and the most accepted: a disturbance of deacons. No matter what we call their gathering, these dedicated leaders continue to personify, sacramentalize, and enable the ministry of service to which all Christians are called at baptism.

group photo: Stefani Schatz; deacons at tables: Sam Dessórdi