City on a Hill: High School Nightwatch

Posted on November 19, 2012

On November 16, 20 high school students from churches throughout the diocese gathered at Grace Cathedral for our first High School Nightwatch. Inspired by the theme of the City on a Hill, and the light that shines before all, youth got to know the Cathedral with a scavenger hunt (in the dark with headlamps), made their own candles, meditated to music, prayed together, and explored who it is that God is calling them to be. With a great program team of Andrea Foote from The Bishop's Ranch, Malcolm McLaurin and Jessica Montana from St. Dorothy's Rest, Angel Jamaica from St. Gregory of Nyssa, Liz Tichenor from Church Divinity School of the Pacific, the Rev. Teresita Valeriano, and Michelle Nadalin, as well as diocesan Associate for Discipleship Ministry Jennifer Snow, there's only more excitement to come at the next Nightwatch, May 3-4, for middle school students.

Mark your calendars for other upcoming youth events: Happening, February 22-24, for high school students (download the flyer and registration here); and the diocesan Confirmation Retreat, for any young people being confirmed this year, March 8-10, 2013.

High school students and youth ministers are invited to become part of a program team to help plan events like Nightwatch and other ministry programs with youth to make them as meaningful and memorable as possible. Interested in being part of the team? Please let the diocese know by contacting Jennifer at


Photos: Teresita Valeriano