CDSP students attend Preaching Excellence Program

Posted on June 9, 2014

Karen Cuffie, the Rev Barbara Miller, and Deborah White represented Church Divinity School of the Pacific at the recent Preaching Excellence Program (PEP) entitled “The Language of Preaching,” which took place at the Roslyn Center in Richmond, Virginia between May 24–30. PEP is sponsored by the Episcopal Preaching Foundation, a national organization dedicated to improving the quality of preaching in The Episcopal Church. Students are selected by the faculty of their seminaries and the foundation pays the majority of their transportation, room, and board.  Cuffie, Miller and White were joined by seminarians from Virginia Theological Seminary, Seminary of the Southwest, Sewanee, Yale, General Theological Seminary, Episcopal Divinity Seminary, Bloy House, and Duke. According to White, “The programming was excellent and the opportunity to live in fellowship with other seminarians and clergy persons from around the country was amazing. The conference provided us with a unique chance to further our preaching abilities so that we can, with God’s help, more effectively spread the word of God.”

photo (left to right): the Rev. Barbara Miller, Deborah White, and Karen Cuffie with CDSP alumni
the Rev. Ben Wells, the Rev. Irene Tanabe, and the Rev. Sheila Crisp.