Bishop Andrus offers invocation at Presidio Memorial Day commemoration

Posted on May 28, 2014

On Monday, May 26, the Rt Rev Marc Handley Andrus, bishop of California, offered the invocation for the annual Presidio Memorial Day service at the San Francisco National Cemetery. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, this observance is the largest Memorial Day commemoration in California. This year’s ceremony paid special tribute to Vietnam Veterans.

Bishop Andrus prayed the following:

We pray today first in gratitude for all those who have given witness to the principles, hopes, and dreams of this country by serving in our armed forces. Especially our prayers are offered for all those whose service carried through to the laying down of their lives. Remember them for good, loving God, and may they rest in peace.

We also pray your healing Spirit to fill the voids in families and communities left by these faithful deaths, to knit the frayed and weakened threads of life, to sooth the brokenhearted, and even to comfort those who ache over years and generations, who feel the loss without even knowing, perhaps its origin.

We ask your blessing and protection for all those currently serving in our armed forces, for your saving presence with them and those they love.

And we pray for our President, our Commander in Chief, and all those who lead our armed forces at the highest levels of responsibility.

Finally, we ask that as these fallen brothers and sisters have been gathered into the communion of all those who have gone before us into the embrace of God, that you, O God, will bring us all to that place of peace and compassion that is your will for the whole of the Earth. May this bright communion of the faithful departed continue to serve by their own united prayers for we who live on the Earth, and for those who follow us.

In the name of all we hold holy, we pray.


Pictured left to right: Harper Martin, the Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, Gen. Thomas Swidler, the Rev. Christoper Martin, Chloe Martin, and Simon Martin