Bayview Mission and Help a Mother Out provide assistance to San Bruno's Glenview neighborhood

Posted on September 14, 2010

Hearing about and seeing the effects of the San Bruno fire was so emotional last night, all I could think of was the families and animals that were effected.  Right away I wanted to know what would help. I contacted Lisa Truong from Help A Mother Out (HAMO) to ask if Bayview Mission could donate extra diapers we had on-hand to San Bruno families. She replied within minutes and said "Yes!" HAMO receives diapers from Huggies, which are then distributed between organizations.

I woke up this morning and loaded up my truck with 30 boxes of size 5's, 20 boxes of size 4's and 15 boxes of size 6's. Each box carries 2 packages of diapers. I also included bathing soap, baby wipes, 2 crib mattresses, children's clothing and toys. It was such an emotional feeling to know how many families this would help.

When I arrived at 251 City Park Way in San Bruno the tears hit. The street was backed up with people dropping off supplies. There was no honking or people getting upset with the traffic. There was a sense of peace that filled the area. Volunteers ranged from the local community to police officers. The news crews were interviewing people.

I came up to the donation drop and my truck was surrounded with volunteers helping to unload my truck. I kept hearing “Thank you!” from everyone around. All I could think was, 'No…THANK YOU!!!' I heard a woman yell “We have size 5's!" My heart was so full of happiness. HAMO and Bayview Mission pulled together to help out a community in desperate need. When I pulled away from the parking lot I was in a state of pure awe. So many people were there to do anything possible to help. Just amazing!


Editor's note: Currently, The Red Cross and the City of San Bruno are no longer accepting non-monetary gifts for the victims of the Glenview Fire. The City of San Bruno is, however, accepting donations on behalf of fire victims. Checks should be made payable to City of San Bruno and mailed to the City at City Hall, 567 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA 94066. Include “Glenview” on the check to insure it is placed in the victim fund.

Please keep the people of San Bruno, the displaced, the injured, and the dead in your prayers.