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Conclusion of Lambeth 2022

Conclusion of Lambeth 2022

“The greatest Call is the call to relationship.” Archbishop Justin Welby As with most absolutizing statements, the above statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury, in his closing keynote address this morning, may overstate the reality, but it is largely true. The...

Bishop Marc Update from Lambeth: The Global Church is the Local Church

Bishop Marc Update from Lambeth: The Global Church is the Local Church

Perhaps you’ve seen the Episcopal News Service coverage of the LGBTQ+ solidarity march by University of Kent staff and students during the Lambeth Conference. Sheila and I were among a number of Lambeth Conference attendees to take part. Why were the Kent folks...

Remembering and honoring Bishop Peter Lee: a message from Bishop Marc

Early tomorrow, Sheila and I will be in the U.K. to take part in Lambeth 2022, the global gathering of Anglican bishops that takes place every decade or so at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Since Bishop Lee’s death on July 2, he and his wife, Kristy,...

The “Lambeth Calls” document: a statement from Bishop Marc

I join with many Episcopal Church bishops, the bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church, and, in the days to come, I’m sure with many other bishops of the Communion in expressing my dismay at the “Lambeth Calls” document that was abruptly distributed to Anglican...

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