Bishop Marc & Dr. Sheila Andrus at Lambeth 

The Lambeth Conference is a gathering of bishops from around the Anglican Communion for a time of prayer, dialogue, fellowship, and reflection. Bishop Marc and Sheila are among the some 1100 bishops and spouses expected to attend the 2022 conference, which takes place in Canterbury and London, England July 26 through August 8. Click here to learn more about the conference.



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News from Episcopal News Service 

At Lambeth, Indigenous Anglicans offer wisdom, heartache and a challenge to ‘sweep our house’

[Episcopal News Service – Canterbury, England] Indigenous leaders from The Episcopal Church and across the Anglican Communion presented their perspectives at a Lambeth Conference seminar on Aug. 1, describing the specific challenges they have faced in their regions but also the importance of embracing Indigenous wisdom and theology to solve problems that affect everyone.. Read more

Lambeth Conference shifts to more challenging issues as bishops take up Anglican identity

[Episcopal News Service – Canterbury, England] Bishops from across the Anglican Communion who are attending the Lambeth Conference hit the halfway mark of their time here on Aug. 1. The day’s focus on Anglican identity introduced the first of what look to be more challenging issues at a conference intended primarily to focus on unifying themes, and a follow-up discussion Aug. 2 on human dignity could turn to disagreements over same-sex marriage that flared even before the conference officially began. Read more

News Coming out of Lambeth

Bishops express support for ‘Anglican Congress’ meeting in the Global South

Bishops at the Lambeth Conference have agreed to explore the possibility of holding a worldwide ‘Anglican Congress’ – for the first time in more than 60 years.

Such a gathering, which would include the voices not only of bishops but lay people and clergy, would be likely to take place in the Global South. The Congress would be an opportunity for Anglicans to meet to “discern afresh the mission of God amidst a celebration of the diversity and artistry of our many cultures”.  Read more

Lambeth Call – Safe Church Sunday 31 July 2022

Creation of safe communities is a core part of the Church’s global mission, say bishops

Bishops at the Lambeth Conference agreed to take forward a Lambeth Call on Safe Church and recommitted to making the safety of all people in the provinces of the Anglican Communion a priority of their focus. They made this public commitment following a plenary session on Safe Church, which included a presentation from a survivor and interviews with the Archbishops of Canterbury and Cape Town. Read more

News from DioCal

Conclusion of Lambeth 2022

Conclusion of Lambeth 2022

“The greatest Call is the call to relationship.” Archbishop Justin Welby As with most absolutizing statements, the above statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury, in his closing keynote address this morning, may overstate the reality, but it is largely true. The...