Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of California is a body of eight people, four of whom are clergy persons and four of whom are laypersons. The Diocesan Convention elects members of the Standing Committee. Each year one new lay and one new clergy member are elected to replace retiring members. The Standing Committee serves as a council of advice to the bishop or as the ecclesial authority of the diocese in the absence of a bishop. In addition, 

“The Standing Committee is requested to give consent for all bishops elected in the Episcopal Church. It recommends persons for ordination. It gives the bishop advice and consent on the purchase, sale, or encumbrance of any property held by a congregation or the diocese. It … concurs in allowing a clergy person to cease functioning as a member of the clergy. It investigates and reports to the bishop on the charge that a deacon or priest has abandoned the Episcopal Church.” (“An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church, A User Friendly Reference for Episcopalians,” (1999), Don S. Armentrout and Robert Boak Slocum, editors).

The Standing Committee derives its roles and responsibilities from the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church and the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of California.

Rectors and Vicars in the diocese should contact the Standing Committee regarding any significant property renovation, encumbrance, or status change, such as granting an easement, leasing church property, or refinancing a mortgage, which generally require the prior written consent of the Bishop and the Standing Committee (or in some cases, of the Bishop and the Executive Council). If you have a question as to whether a matter should appropriately come before the Standing Committee, please address it to our officers at We are happy to answer questions, so please be in touch if you think we need to be, have been, or are involved in a matter relevant to your congregation!

The Standing Committee meets monthly. Please allow ample time for the group to review documentation for any requested consent prior to its next meeting. If you wish to make a presentation at or attend a Standing Committee meeting, please contact the Standing Committee in advance to verify the time and place of our next meeting.

Each November, the newly elected members of the Standing Committee determine the meeting day and time most convenient for the membership that year. Currently, the Standing Committee meets the second Thursday of the month at 4 p.m.

Standing Committee 2023-2024

General inquiries may be sent to:


President: The Rev. Dr. Mauricio Wilson (Class of 2024, clergy)
Vice-President: Sean McConnell (Class of 2025, lay)
Secretary: The Rev. Jane Stratford (Class of 2026, clergy)

Class of 2024

Robyn Amos (lay)

Class of 2025

The Ven. Canon Carolyn Bolton (clergy)

Class of 2026

Warren Wong (lay)

Class of 2027

Gretchen Lintner (lay)
The Rev. Audrey Miskelley (clergy)

You can find previous minutes of the Standing Committee here:


Standing Committee documents:


The Standing Committee begins each meeting with prayer. We humbly request your prayers for our work on behalf of the Church (BCP 257):

God of all the nations of the earth: Remember the multitudes who have been created in your image but have not known the redeeming work of our Savior Jesus Christ; and grant that, by the prayers and labors of your holy Church, they may be brought to know and love you as you have been revealed in your Son; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.