General Information

General Information about Convention
How to Get There and Back Again

Some Things You Need to Know

Please read through the following information before you arrive at convention. Diocesan staff and volunteers will be on hand throughout convention to answer questions. There will be ample signage directing you to convention meeting spaces (the Cathedral Nave and Gresham Hall), exhibit spaces, and restrooms.

Convention Dinner and Eucharist

The convention will begin Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. followed by dinner on the cathedral plaza starting at 5:45 p.m. and the Convention Eucharist at 7 p.m. There is no charge for the dinner. Everyone in the diocese is welcome to attend the dinner and Eucharist — not just members of convention.


Registrars will be on duty Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. at registration tables near the font in the cathedral nave. Late registrants should report to the registration table at the door to Gresham Hall near the elevator.

Call to Order

The convention will be called to order on Saturday at 9 a.m.

Clergy Members

Clergy receive voting cards at the clergy registration tables. On the front of the card will be printed the cleric’s name. Only by having the card in their possession will a cleric be entitled to vote. A cleric is eligible to vote if they was canonically resident in the Diocese of California before September 24, 2019; that is, their Letters Dimissory was received at least 30 days prior to the date of convention.

Lay Delegates

Lay delegates register by deanery. Each delegate should sign in at the appropriate deanery table. If an alternate is replacing an elected delegate, the alternate must give the name of the delegate being replaced. It the alternate is not listed as an alternate in the delegate certification form, the cleric in charge must certify that the new alternate has been properly elected by the vestry or bishop’s committee, which can be done either in person or in writing.

Registration Materials

All members are encouraged to preregister online. Printed name cards will be provided only to those who preregister. Each member will receive a name card with a lanyard along with a ballot and other pertinent convention materials. The name card serves as a voting card and entitles the holder to a seat on the floor of convention and the right to vote. If an alternate will be replacing a delegate, the alternate should preregister as such and identify the delegate being replaced. If an alternate is not preregistered and is taking the place of a delegate, they should register as that delegate and inform the registrar of this change. If a delegate must leave for a portion of convention, it is their responsibility to give the card to an alternate of the same delegation.

Lost Voting Cards

If a lay delegate loses a card, request for a replacement should be made to a registrar. The request must be in writing and signed by the rector or vicar of the delegate’s congregation. It must state the reason, the name of the person, and the delegate to whom the card was originally issued.


Seating is first-come-first-served. Congregations are encouraged to sit together, but there will be no designation of seating by deaneries. Some seating is reserved for those with hearing impairments.


If there is a medical (or other) emergency, please contact a member of the convention staff or alert the speakers’ table.


Ballots will be provided during registration on Saturday. Those registering on Friday will receive a “chit” to be exchanged for ballots at a special table on Saturday. Look for the special ballot line on Saturday so that you don’t have to go through the registration line again. There are two ballots. Ballots with a large “1” must be used for the 1st ballot, and ballots with a “2” must be used for the 2nd ballot. Mark ballots only with the #2 pencils provided. Voting will be conducted in place on the convention floor. After the first vote ballots will be returned to the registration area as the convention transitions from the cathedral nave to Gresham Hall. After the second vote, the tellers will collect the ballots. If a vote on a motion requires a count of the house, members will need to hold up their voting cards to be counted.




The cathedral nave is wheelchair accessible via the elevator on the crypt level. The crypt is accessible from the entrance on Taylor Street and from the parking garage on level G1. The most direct access to the cathedral nave from the crypt level is via the elevator located in the hall leading to Gresham Hall.


A transcription service will record the convention proceedings and display them on a large screen for the hearing-impaired. Look for the screen toward the front of the seating area. Seats near the screen will be reserved for those needing this service.

Spanish Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation into Spanish will be available for the main convention proceedings on Saturday. Pick up headsets at the translation booth located on the left as you enter Gresham Hall. If you have Spanish-speaking members of your delegation, please make sure they are aware of this service.




Childcare will be available for infants and toddlers only (up to age 5) in the cathedral’s Community Daycare on the crypt level Saturday only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can access childcare through the Taylor Street doors. Please pre-register online and let us know your childcare needs on the form (form to come in September).

Pumping / Breastfeeding

A room in the cathedral’s Community Daycare on the crypt level will be set aside and designated for pumping breast milk and/or breastfeeding.


Box lunches will be available for $15 on the cathedral plaza at lunchtime. It will be necessary to purchase a ticket at the lunch reservation table located next to the registration tables. Lunches can also be purchased online during pre-registration. Since the convention agenda allows only one hour for lunch, you are urged to take advantage of this option or to bring your own bag lunch. There are a variety of places to picnic: the plaza, the steps, or Huntington Park across the street.

If you want to go off site for a quick to-go lunch, there's VJ Grocery (a small cornerstore on Taylor and Clay) or Cafe Isabella (small cafe that makes yummy burritos and sandwiches on Taylor).

No Printing Service

There is no photocopying service at Diocesan Convention. If you need to distribute material at convention, plan to print it before the day of convention. You will need approximately 500 copies for complete distribution. If you are a candidate to be nominated from the floor of convention, plan to distribute a copy of your biography before 9 a.m. and put extras on the tables between the visitor and delegate sections. If you distribute paper materials on the floor of convention, you are asked to assist in clean up of copies left behind, as well as encourage recycling of excess paper materials.

Day of Convention Booklet

Any member wishing to have their own copy of the booklet should print them in advance or use a laptop or tablet to access it. Wi-Fi will be available in Gresham Hall, but not electrical outlets. Be sure to precharge your laptop, tablet, or phone. There will not be printed versions of the Day of Convention Booklet.


How to Get There and Back Again

Grace Cathedral is located at 1100 California St. at Taylor Street between California and Sacramento Streets. Parking fills up quickly on Nob Hill. If you are able to use public transit or carpool, please consider doing so.

BART Travelers

Disembark at the Embarcadero Station, follow the exit signs for Drumm Street. Take either a cable car up California Street. and get off at Taylor Street, or take the Muni #1 bus (called “California”) which stops at Sacramento and Front Streets (two blocks from the cable car boarding area) and travels up Sacramento Street. At Mason Street, ring the bell for disembarking if on the Muni bus. The bus will stop midway between Mason and Taylor Streets.

If You Are Driving

Traveling South from the Golden Gate Bridge
Follow Lombard Street. to Van Ness Avenue. Travel south on Van Ness either to Clay Street. or Bush Street. and turn left. (You cannot turn left onto California Street. from Van Ness.) If you turn left onto Clay Street., follow Clay to Taylor Street., turn right and go 1½ blocks. Turn into the Cathedral Parking Garage on the right, after Sacramento Street. If you turn left from Van Ness onto Bush Street, follow Bush to Leavenworth Street, turn left. At California Street turn right. Follow California Street, two blocks to the Masonic Garage on the right, or turn left onto Taylor Street from California, and turn into the Grace Cathedral Garage on your left.

Traveling North from the Peninsula
From I-280 or US 101 North. Follow the signs for the Bay Bridge and take the Seventh Street exit just before you get to the bridge. Turn left onto Seventh Street Follow Seventh Street across Market Street. Make the next immediate right turn onto Leavenworth Street. Follow Leavenworth to California Street. At California Street turn right. Follow California Street, two blocks to the Masonic Garage on the right, or turn left onto Taylor Street from California, and turn into the Grace Cathedral Garage on your left.

Traveling West from the Bay Bridge
As you approach San Francisco, get in the far right lane. Take the Fremont Street exit. Turn left at Fremont Street. As you cross Market Street, Fremont becomes Front Street. Turn left at California Street. and follow California to Taylor Street.



Garage Parking

Most parking garages accept credit cards or have ATM machines available. Special event rates may apply. Contact individual garages for rates.

Brocklebank, 415.391.1378 • 1040 Sacramento Street
Masonic Garage, 415.474.1567 • 1101 California Street (closed this weekend)
Intercontinental Mark Hopkins • 999 California Street
Fairmont, 415.772.5223 • 815 Powell Street
Stanford Court • 905 California Street 
Crocker Parking, 415.777.4042 • 1045 California Street 
Grace Cathedral, 415.346.9156 • 1051 Taylor Street
Sutter Stockton Garage, (415) 982-7275 | 444 Stockton St.
North Beach Parking Garage | (415) 399-9564 | 735 Vallejo St


Parking on the Street

If you choose to park on the street, please check carefully for tow-away zones and time limits (ranging from passenger loading to two hour parking, including Saturdays).