Resources for Children’s Ministries

Resources on Race for Formation within Families

Your First Stop – Anti-Bias and Anti-Racist Household Self Assessment for White Christians written by Lucy Breidenthal of the Church of the Heavenly Rest in NYC.

Jennifer Harvey was a speaker at the 2018 Forma Conference. Her book Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America serves as a guide for parents to navigate these times. She spoke with NPR on May 31st
For a deeper dive into her book, Dr. Harvey was recently a guest on the Integrated Schools podcast

For the month of June, the movies Just Mercy and Selma are available for free on many streaming platforms. Both movies are PG-13, please read the parental guides before watching with youngsters (Just Mercy GuideSelma Guide). 

Children’s story books are a great way to have difficult conversations with your kids. Embrace Race made a list of 31 children's books that cover a wide spectrum of races and cultures. 

Finally, Books for Littles has a step by step guide for parents to begin talking about race complete with books to read with your kids and questions to ask. 



Teachers of young children tell the story of our faith in ways that are appropriate to particular congregational settings, style, and leadership. For those looking for structured program guides, there are plenty of good choices available. Take a look at these charts for comparing children’s curriculum and this process for choosing curriculum that helps you make a choice that fits your church’s needs.

Stay up-to-date in teaching methods and learn from the best educators in the Episcopal Church by visiting Building Faith, the online Christian Education community.

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