Committee on Nominations

About the Committee

The Committee on Nominations coordinates the nominations to Diocesan Convention. The Nominating Committee proposes candidates to serve as deputies at the General Convention as well as to serve on diocesan bodies such as the Standing Committee and Executive Council. We try to ensure the slate of candidates for these positions reflects the demographic composition of our diocese and the Bay Area. Our work also is designed to make sure we don't have any vacancies for positions that must be filled by the Diocesan Convention — or ones that are filled by people who don't know what they are getting into. Candidates can still be nominated from the floor on the day of the Convention, but those advanced by the Committee will have had their names and information out for review for several weeks by then. The Nominating Committee usually meets in person for our first session and until we are done we meet by phone every other week (or so). Members are appointed from the deaneries; current members of the committee are listed below and on the Deaneries page

Committee Chair Diane FitzGibbon,

Committee Members and their deaneries:

  • Helen Sause, Alameda
  • Stephen Siptroth, Contra Costa
  • Rev. Walter Ramsey, Contra Costa
  • Dave Frangquist, Ex Officio (advisor)
  • Rev. Br. Richard Helmer, Ex Officio (advisor)
  • Warren Wong, Ex Officio (advisor)
  • Lynn Oldham Robinett, Marin
  • Ruth Baney, Marin
  • Diane FitzGibbon, Peninsula (Co-chair)
  • Rev. Hannah Cornthwaite, San Francisco
  • Birgit Eschmann, San Francisco (Co-chair)
  • Rev. Jeff Dodge, Southern Alameda
  • Dorothy Tsuruta, Ex Officio, Standing Committee

Important Nomination Information:

Please note: We've set a word limit for bios. It is intended to keep the convention booklet readable as well as to create a fair forum for all. If you exceed the word limit and we have time before the deadline, we will return it to you for editing. If we don't have time or you don't reply by the deadline, we may have to may cut your text at the word limit or suggest you be nominated from the floor.