Episcopal Impact Fund Sunday


Episcopal Impact Fund Sunday

Join Us for Episcopal Impact Fund Sunday

Episcopal Impact Fund is working to cultivate a stronger relationship with churches across the diocese and to let everyone know about our work, our grants to community-based nonprofits, and our support of congregations’ anti-poverty work. To help get the word out about Episcopal Impact Fund and give rectors a bit of a break during Lent, The Rev. Br. Richard Helmer BSG, of the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Mill Valley, will make a pre-recorded sermon available to all congregations for April 3, 2022, the Fifth Sunday of Lent.

If you are interested in being part of Episcopal Impact Fund Sunday by using the sermon, please RSVP using our online form at https://www.episcopalimpact.org/eif-sunday-response-form. Or if you are interested in exploring ways you and your congregation can be in relationship with the Impact Fund, please visit our congregation page at https://www.episcopalimpact.org/congregations.

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