image: Kelly Latimore, “Glitch Transfiguration,” 2023
Day of Discernment


Day of Discernment

When: Saturday, May 6, 2023, 9:30am-2:30pm
Where: St Stephen’s Belvedere

Have you ever wondered if you are called to be a deacon or priest? Do you feel drawn to ministries that don’t require ordination, such as hospital or university chaplaincy, antiracism organizing, or environmental justice? Are you searching for a new direction in your life? In the Episcopal Church, we use the tools of discernment to seek God’s will in our lives. How can we embrace who God calls us to be, both as individuals and as communities?

If you would like to learn about and practice discernment for daily life, this workshop is a great place to start. The first half of this two-part event will be a practicum in discernment for all Christians, in which we will try out spiritual practices to listen more deeply to God’s invitation to live out the gospel.

Day of Discernment is also a required early step in our discernment process for ordained ministry, and so the second half of the event will focus on discernment for people interested in pursuing a call to the diaconate or priesthood. It is also recommended for members of local discernment committees and clergy overseeing local discernment.

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*image: Kelly Latimore, “Glitch Transfiguration,” 2023

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