A Morning with Roger Walsh


A Morning with Roger Walsh

Sacred Responses in Times of Crisis:  

Debugging the Source Code of our Craziness.

Saturday, April 15, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael
To pre-register, please send email to EventFPCSR@gmail.com

Our morning with Roger Walsh will include guided meditations, small group conversations and interactive dialogue. Sacred service, as he sees it, is both the means and the end of a spiritually centered life. Of the seven spiritual practices of the world’s major religions featured in his book, Essential Spirituality, service is supreme. “Humanity’s greatest and most effective friends, says Walsh, “do two things: they awaken, and they share their awakening with the world.”

This event is sponsored by One World One Spirit
The Contemplative Spirituality Ministry of

First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael
1510 5th Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901
Tel.: 415/456-6760


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