Beloved Community Training Day

Saturday, September 21, 2019, 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

St. Paul's, Oakland

It’s the beginning of the program year and a time to look at new skills, programs, and getting everything in order. This day of workshops is designed to meet some of the basic training needs of the diocese such as Eucharistic Minister & Eucharistic Visitor training and the Whole and Healthy Church training. But there are also individual workshops in areas like communication, disaster preparedness, innovative liturgy, and stewardship.

There are some specific tracks that are new to this training:

DAY OF DISCERNMENT– for those interested in exploring ordained ministries, or just thinking about discernment in general, the Day of Discernment has been broken up into 3 separate workshops that can be taken separately by anyone or taken together to fulfil the “Day of Discernment” requirement for exploring the ordination process. These workshops are highly recommended not just for those interested in the process but also for Local Discernment Committees and clergy interested in the new ordination process in this diocese.

MULTICULTURAL AND DIVERSITY TRAINING– for those seeking further education in Healing Racism and overcoming bias, there will be two workshops offered to help further skills and awareness — Intercultural Conversations; and Gender Equality and Beloved Community: Trends, Challenges, and the Future. These two workshops are offered as continuing education for clergy as well as being open to any lay folks who want to address these issues in the context of Christian faith and the church community.

Who should attend the day?This is day is great for vestry members, clergy, finance committees, outreach ministries, formation leaders, communications volunteers, Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors, and anyone needing training in Whole and Healthy Church – our new safe church training. 

Questions? Contact Amy Cook, Working Group Head for Faith Formation


Schedule for the Day:

8:30 – 9:00 AM           Check in/registration
9:00 AM                     Morning Prayer, everyone
9:30 – 10:45               WORKSHOP #1
11:00 – 12:15             WORKSHOP #2
12:30 – 1:30               Lunch
1:30 – 2:45                 WORKSHOP #3 


Workshop Session 1 - 9:30 – 10:45       

Eucharistic Minister Licensing Training - Natalie Hala

A workshop for those who want to serve as Eucharistic Ministers, covering both administration of consecrated elements and the structure and roles of lay liturgical ministry within Episcopal worship. Requires advance preparation; click HERE to download the workbook. The workbook plus this workshop satisfies the diocesan training requirements for Eucharistic Ministry licensing. Natalie Hala is a long-time trainer for the diocese of California.


Day of Discernment Part A – “Individual Discernment Practices” – Amy Cook & the Rev. Kathy Crary

This workshop explores discernment as a basic practice for all Christians. It is an introduction to different tools for discernment for anyone seeking to hear God’s voice, no matter the questions or the outcomes.  This is for EVERYONE – and should be a helpful workshop for anyone looking for LAY DISCERNMENT RESOURCES. Led by Amy Cook, Faith Formation Working Group Head, and the Rev. Kathy Crary, Vicar at St. Edmund’s, Pacifica.


Shape up your Stewardship: Models for Success in Congregational Fundraising – Davey Gerhard

In this workshop, we'll learn about the free resources available from TENS (The Episcopal Network for Stewardship).  We will look at how to craft your case for giving and the power of the narrative budget in telling the stories of impact in your congregation. This workshop will also be a place for participants to share what each of us are doing in our congregations currently: what is working, and what isn't.  This workshop is perfect for new or experienced Stewardship Committee members or vestry members, and  clergy who are looking at congregational giving. Led by Davey Gerhard, Director of Development in the Episcopal Diocese of California.


News for the Neighborhood:  Affordable Housing - Kathleen Piraino & the Rev. Eric Metoyer

Home prices in the San Francisco Bay Area are among the highest in the US, causing essential workers (teachers, nurses, clergy, first responders) to move far from their work, with some on 90-minute one-way daily commutes.  Our diocesan response to this situation is to work with interested congregations willing to explore how they can build / co-share church property that may otherwise be underutilized.  Bring your questions and ideas to Kathleen Piraino of Episcopal Impact Fund and Eric Metoyer of Diocesan Staff regarding potential for this work, and the progress already made on our first projects. 


Seen AND Heard – the Roles of Children & Families in Your Congregation - Jan Scrutton & Caren Miles

Everyone wants to draw more families into their church, but what do we do when they come bringing wiggles, noises, and the element of surprise? Join us to discuss the issues we all face and the solutions we find. Bring along ideas that have worked for you or come to be encouraged with your goals for expanding the welcome and roles for all ages in your setting.  Led by Jan Scrutton, Children and Youth Minister at St. James, Fremont & Caren Miles, Associate for Faith Formation.


Workshop Session 2 - 11:00 – 12:15     

Eucharistic Visitor Licensing Training - Natalie Hala

A workshop for those who wish to serve as Eucharistic Visitors, covering both administration of consecrated elements and the pastoral requirements of visiting people at home and in institutions. Requires advance preparation; find and download workbooks HERE. Completion of the workbook and this workshop satisfy the diocesan training requirements for Eucharistic Visitor licensing.  Natalie Hala is a long-time trainer for the diocese of California.


Day of Discernment Part B - “Discernment Practices for the Church” – Amy Cook & the Rev. Kathy Crary

This workshop explores ways of creating a Culture of Discernment by adding discernment practices into the life of the church.  We will look at congregational practices around nominations, leadership, and visioning, as well as discernment groups. There will be a special focus on LAY MINISTRY in the church and in the community. This is especially suited to clergy, vestry, lay leaders, and folks serving on a Local Discernment Committee. Led by Amy Cook, Faith Formation Working Group Head, and the Rev. Kathy Crary, Vicar at St. Edmund’s, Pacifica.


Intercultural Conversations - the Rev. Eric Metoyer and the Rev. Jay Watan

In this session we will learn techniques of intercultural conversations – how to speak across our various divides in ways which focus on listening and being present with the people in the room.  This is not learning to win an argument, but rather how to be present, with the help of the Holy Spirit, with our congregation, our neighbors, who form the communities we live in.  Led by the Rev. Eric Metoyer, Director of Mission Development and the Rev. Jay Watan, Associate Rector at St. Matthew’s, San Mateo.


What Language Shall I Borrow? Expanding Liturgical Language – the Rev. Dr. Ruth Meyers

This workshop will introduce liturgical resources authorized at the 2018 General Convention, with a focus on the expansive-language texts for Holy Eucharist Rite II. Presented by the Rev. Dr. Ruth Meyers, Dean of Academic Affairs and Hodges-Haynes Professor of Liturgics at Church Divinity School of the Pacific.


Get Out of Town – Why Leaving the Building is Good for Your Church – Caren Miles         

Sometimes getting out of our comfort zones requires actually leaving. Let’s talk about the benefits, logistics, and tricks of the trade for planning parish retreats, days away, camping trips, mission trips, and pilgrimages. Led by Caren Miles, Associate for Faith Formation.

Workshop Session 3 - 1:30 – 2:45          

Whole & Healthy Church Training (Formerly Called to Right Relationship or Safe Church) - Caren Miles (*This workshop will take 2 hours and will start at 12:45)

This is the certification program for the Diocese that covers all of our policies for the protection of children, youth, and vulnerable adults. We will discuss safe church practices, power imbalances, #churchtoo, and everything you need to know about how to give a safe hug. Led by Caren Miles, Associate for Faith Formation.


Day of Discernment Part C - “Discernment for Holy Orders” - Amy Cook & the Rev. Kathy Crary

This part of the workshop looks specifically at the what is new in the ordination process in the diocese of California.  We have new guidelines, a new system of online application and forms, and we have a new School for Deacons. All of this will be laid out for those interested in our process. It is an overview of the process and specifics of beginning the process. This is especially helpful for those considering holy orders and their spouses, clergy, and members of Local Discernment Committees. Led by Amy Cook, Faith Formation Working Group Head, and the Rev. Kathy Crary, Vicar at St. Edmund’s, Pacifica.


Gender Equality and Beloved Community: Trends, Challenges, and the Future – the Rev. Dr. Paula Nesbitt

This workshop will explore why gender still matters in our church communities and ministries, trends in growing equality, and challenges that remain, especially for ordained and lay women and transgender and nonbinary members. Discussion will include how subtle biases creep into everyday life in church communities and ways we can address them. The Rev. Dr. Paula Nesbitt is a Professor of Sociology of Religion and recent chair of Chair of the Executive Council Committee on the Status of Women, among other roles.


Your Congregation is a Gift to Your Community - Sean McConnell 

The Episcopal Asset Map is one tool that your congregation can leverage to share your congregation's gifts with your community. Learn to leverage the Asset Map and other tools to identify gifts and discern God's dream for your congregation and community. Led by Sean McConnell, Senior Director for Engagement at Episcopal Relief and Development.