Beloved Community Training Day

Saturday, March 7, 2020, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

(Check in opens at 8:30 a.m.)

Due to current concerns, we are taking every precaution to keep this a healthy, safe event. 
If you are feeling ill on Saturday, please stay home. 

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

The Annual Meeting has come and gone and there are newly elected members of vestries and bishop’s committees in need of training. Seasoned vestry and bishop’s committee members and other church leaders also need new skills and tools as churches face differing challenges and opportunities. This day of workshops and networking is for all!

As if the myriad workshop choices weren’t enough, we open the day with a keynote that continues the conversation on indigenous ministries and the diocese that started with diocesan convention, October 2019. The Rev. Lewis Powell is the Indigenous Ministry Missioner for the Diocese of Northern California. The Rev. Powell began his ministry 20 years ago when he was ordained at Grace Cathedral and served at St. Anne’s, Fremont before ministries in New Mexico and now Northern CA. He has taught across the Episcopal church on the Doctrine of Discovery and he will share a workshop on the topic with us.

Who should attend the day? This day is great for vestry and bishop’s committee members, clergy, finance committees, outreach ministries, formation leaders, communications volunteers, discernment committees, and those wishing to be licensed as Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors.

Cost: $20 (includes lunch, scholarships available)
Questions? Contact Amy Cook, Working Group Head for Faith Formation

Schedule for the Day:

8:30 – 9:00 AM

Check in/registration

9:00 – 10:00 AM            

Morning Prayer and Keynote

10:15 – 11:30 AM         


11:30 – 12:25


12:25 – 1:40             


1:45 – 3:00              



Workshops: (details coming soon)

Session 1 - 10:15 am to 11:30 am

Ministering to Multi-Racial Families: It Starts with Noticing - Cara Meredith - Did you know that by 2045, the U.S. is expected to be a “minority white” country? With interracial marriages and relationships on the rise, the continued birth of bi-racial and mixed-race children is on the rise. As such, the church must learn how to not only notice but effectively minister to multiracial families. Cara Meredith, author of The Color of Life, who is herself part of a multiracial family, offers ways to notice, honor and celebrate such families and individuals today. Cara Meredith is an author, speaker, and educator. Patrick Kangrga is the youth minister at Trinity Church in Menlo Park. 

Living in the New Normal: Power Outages, Fires, Pandemics, and Other Unforseen Happenings - Rev. Jane McDougle - None of us can pretend this isn't happening any more!  We'll be talking about generators, slow-cookers, communications, tracking of the vulnerable, sharing fridges and freezers, accessing city and other resources, and more.  Join us! The Rev. Jane McDougal is Vicar at Holy Innocents, SF and the Diocese of California Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

Not Your Grandma's Bible Study: Biblical Literacy for the Episcopal Church - Amy Cook - We hear scripture each Sunday, but many parishioners have a limited understanding of the bible. Come learn about the latest resources to help foster biblical literacy that have nothing to do with traditional bible study and everything to do with deepening faith. We will also discuss interpretation and the barriers to learning for many, as well as how help people fit biblical engagement into busy lives. Amy Cook is the Working Group Head for Faith Formation in the Diocese of California. 

Eucharistic Minister Licensing Training - Natalie Hala & Randy Street - Participants in this training should download and review the Eucharistic Minister handbook before coming to the training. 

Wise & Faithful Leadership for Vestries - Rev. Jeremy Clark-King - In this introduction to the duties of the vestry (Bishop’s committee) we will review to understand the duties of church lay leaders as vestry / bc members. In this time together we will see vestry as more than a non profit board but lay leaders guided by Christian principles to lead the church, following best practices from the Vestry Papers of the Episcopal Church Foundation. We will discuss what it takes to help these meetings to be a learning community and a place of spiritual leadership. The Rev. Jeremy Clark-King is the Priest in Charge at St. John the Evangelist in San Francisco. 

Engaging God's Mission: Practical Examples for Joining God in the Neighborhood - Rev. Canon Abbott Bailey - Follow Jesus together. Into the neighborhood. Travel lightly. This was the invitation to congregations in the final report of the Task Force for Reimagining the Episcopal Church, and it is also one of our Beloved Community Vitality Practices – Community Embededness. In this session, we’ll explore practical ways of discerning the Spirit’s movement while listening to and engaging with our neighbors.

Communications Support and Resources - Stephanie Martin Taylor - Every congregation in DioCal is unique — and has wonderful stories to share.  Join DioCal Working Group Head for Communications Stephanie Martin Taylor for some tools, tips, and a group brainstorming session designed to help you amplify your congregation’s message. Stephanie Martin Taylor is Working Group Head for Communications in the Diocese of California. 

Session 2 - 12:25 pm to 1:40 pm

Interacting with My Neighbor: Understanding the Doctrine of Discovery - Rev. Lew Powell - The Reverend Deacon Lewis Sitting Panther Powell (Cherokee/Saponi) is the Indigenous Ministries Missioner for the Diocese of Northern California. In that capacity, he travels to parishes within the diocese sharing information about the role of Indigenous Peoples (Native American) Ministries in the Episcopal Church and information about the Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny. He has been an advocate for addressing the effects of the Doctrine of Discovery in the Church for over a decade. When the Episcopal Church General Convention Resolution, D035, called for the repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery, he was asked to be a member of the development team that produced the “Exposing the Doctrine of Discovery” materials for the Episcopal Church. He co-developed and co-taught “The Church’s Response to the Doctrine of Discovery” offered by The Episcopal Divinity School at Harvard in 2013 and 2014 via electronic media.

A Springtime of the Soul: Using Taizé Liturgy - Tom Poynor - This workshop will cover a brief bit of the history and mission of the Taize Community and how the unique liturgy developed. Following that we will discuss how to coordinate the many elements of a Taize service, including music, decoration, and readings. Tom Poynor is the Episcopal Chaplain to UC Berkeley. He lived in the Taize Community for a time and has been a friend of the community for many years. He studied music at Sewanee, a training he has used to coordinate countless Taize services and Taize retreats for young adults.

Where is the Liturgical Movement in the Episcopal Church Taking Us? - Rev. Paul Fromberg - Join Paul Fromberg, chair of the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, in a discussion of the many options in front of the Episcopal Church and our liturgical movement. There will be shared discussion about “How did we get here?”; “What does memorialization mean?”; “Where are we going now?”; “When is the next prayer book coming out?” Topics will also include the movements and structure of liturgical revision through General Convention, how local and cultural needs influence the need for “common prayer”, and how Formation, Evangelism, and Mission come together in our liturgies. The Rev. Paul Fromberg is the Rector of St. Gregory of Nyssa in San Francisco.

Eucharistic Visitor Licensing Training - Natalie Hala & Randy Street - Participants in this training should download and review the Eucharistic Visitor handbook before coming to the training. 

Finance & Administration Best Practices - Jim Forsyth - This workshop digs into all the financial and business areas that vestries and bishop’s committees oversee. Topics include to build up and manage church funds, payroll and benefits administration, how to access the diocesan line of credit for parish capital projects, parochial reports, and other issues of interest to vestry members and administrators. Jim Forsyth is the CFO Emeritus for the Diocese of California.

The Gospel in Context: Translating the Work of God in a Secular Age - Rev. Canon Abbott Bailey - As Christians, we hold that the Gospel is something that didn’t just happen a long time ago in a far away place, but is instead something that unfolds before us, around us, and within us every day. Naming and claiming this unfolding is the work of translation, particularly in this highly secular age and place. In this experiential session we’ll tap into our theological imaginations as we engage the intersections of scripture, culture, and daily lived experience.


Session 3 - 1:45 pm to 3:00 pm

Take Up Your Phones and Follow Me: Why Young Adult Ministry is About More Than Instagram - Rev. Hannah Cornthwaite & Tom Poyner - Join our chaplains to San Francisco State and UC Berkeley as they share their experiences in young adult ministry and discuss what works, what fails, and what myths need to be discarded. 

Ridding Ourselves (and Our Churches) of White Jesus - Cara Meredith - What does it mean to speak truth to who Jesus really was as a marginalized, poor, brown-skinned Jewish man? By understanding the roots of White Jesus around the world, we can also seek to rid ourselves (and our churches) of this false version of the Christ. Cara Meredith, author of The Color of Life, who is also an antiracism speaker, writer and conversationalist in mostly faith-based settings, offers ways to embrace the truth of Jesus alongside tenants of Becoming Beloved Community. Cara Meredith is an author, speaker, and educator.

Diokenia and the Diaconate: Understanding the Role of the Deacon - Diocesan Deacons - How does your church understand the diaconate? Do you see parishioners displaying the gifts and calling of a deacon? Come find out how to recognize and lift up these gifts for ministry as well as learning about the new School for Deacons.

Spiritual Practices for Vestries & Other Groups - Amy Cook - This workshop will explore how to add spiritual practices into our church meetings beyond an opening prayer. Participants will learn many kinds of practices to center and focus a meeting as well as allowing room for the Spirit to work.  We will also talk about discernment as a regular practice for decision making or for finding the right people for specific roles or ministries in the community. Amy Cook is the Working Group Head for Faith Formation in the Diocese of California. 

The Church and Moss: Reimagining Church - Rev. Canon Abbott Bailey - Moss? Those ubiquitous flowerless plans that can be found just about anywhere if we look closely enough? Yes! In this session we’ll use an ecological lens to consider what the moss species might have to teach us about what it means to not just survive, but to flourish and thrive. This playful and creative session will take seriously this moment we find ourselves in as a church as we explore, both practically and imaginatively, the invitation of the Spirit.

Stewardship Resources - Davey Gerhard - Need some inspiration for your congregational stewardship program? Want to learn more about how to integrate formation, preaching, and the theology of abundance? Come prepared to share your stewardship challenges and successes and learn more about ways to raise money for mission in your congregation.