Annual Enrollment for 2023 Employee Benefits (medical, dental & FSA)

This is the one time of year to enroll in a 2023 Health Care or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA), make changes to your current medical plan election, or add dependents to your medical or dental plan.

All enrollments or changes will take effect on January 1, 2023.

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All employers were asked to establish 2023 employee benefits and cost-sharing policies. Please contact your employer before making your 2023 medical plan selection as you may be responsible for a portion of monthly premiums if you select a plan with premiums that exceed your employer’s plan limits.

Medical Benefits

The Diocese of California continues to offer four plans. We offer two Kaiser EPO plans and two Anthem BCBS BlueCard PPO plans. Please review the Medical Plan and Pharmacy Benefit comparison documents linked below to determine which plan best meets your needs. All four medical plans are contracted through The Episcopal Church Medical Trust (ECMT). The ECMT has sent a direct mailing with information and instructions to those enrolled in a medical plan as of Sept. 17th. Please locate ECMT’s large format green envelope, the materials inside contain your personalized website login instructions to make changes online. Benefit eligible employees without access to ECMT’s annual enrollment website should complete the AE form linked below and return it to your employer before Nov. 16. 


Cigna Dental Benefits

Cigna Dental Benefit Summary (see page 4)
2023 Medical/Dental Annual Enrollment Form (for those without access to ECMT online system)

Flexible Spending Accounts — 2023 FSA with Paychex

Employees on Diocese payroll working at least 20hrs/week are eligible to participate in the Health and Dependent Care FSA. By setting pre-tax money aside each paycheck for medical and dependent care expenses, employees can save an average of up to 40% a year on out-of-pocket expenses. Use this tool to calculate your annual election and explore tax savings.

Congratulation! The Paychex FSA will automatically re-enroll current participants for the next year with the same annual election from the current plan year. If you wish to dis-enroll or update annual FSA contribution amounts log-in to

2023 FSA Enrollment Form (to be completed and returned to DioCal payroll office by email or fax before the end of Annual Enrollment, Nov. 17, 2021or log into your PaychexFlex account, click Benefits Account button to enroll online)

More Information / Resources:
Paychex Enrollment Training – short video to learn about the great benefits of an FSA and steps to enroll
FSA Employee booklet
Full list of health FSA-eligible expenses
Full list of dependent care expenses

Call Paychex FSA employee support for assistance with FSA benefits: 1-877-244-1771.

Canonically Resident Clergy

Clergy, canonically resident in DioCal, but not employed by an Episcopal entity, are eligible to enroll in medical or dental benefits at their own expense. The Diocese will send monthly invoice for payment that is due within 30 days to maintain coverage.

Canonically Resident Clergy Group Benefits Open Enrollment Form

Need Help?

At-A-Glance: Customer Service Contacts for all benefit providers

Need help navigating the plan comparisons? Wonder which plan is best for you and your family? Consult with our Health Advocate for assistance.

Health Advocate offers help when you have questions about your medical care – from finding a doctor, to understanding your benefits, or resolving a claim. Get help when you need it from a knowledgeable healthcare professional.

This complimentary, confidential service can help you navigate the healthcare system and make the most of your benefits. It is available to ECMT medical plan participating employees, their dependents, their parents and parents-in-law (even if they do not live with you).

For details:

  • Download the Health Advocate brochure.
  • Sign in to Health Advocate (password: episcopal).
  • Call (866) 695-8622, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 9:00PM ET.