Land Acknowledgment &

Statement of Solidarity

The Episcopal Church in the Bay Area acknowledges and pays respect to past and present tribal members of the Indigenous nations from the lands our diocese now occupies: the Ohlone (including the Chochenyo, the Karkin, the Ramaytush, the Yokuts, and the Muwekma tribes); the Graton Rancheria community (the Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo tribes); the Kashaya; the Patwin; the Mishewal Wappo; and the Bay Miwok. Standing in solidarity with all who are oppressed, we deplore the hatred and violence shown historically and in the present to Indigenous people, African Americans, African Caribbeans, Asian and Asian Americans, LatinX, Pacific Islanders, and all other oppressed persons.    We will continually seek to dismantle the racism that threatens us all as human beings.