Assessment Appeals Committee

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Committee on Governance

The mission of the Committee on Governance (COG) is to monitor regularly the process of governance in the diocese, focusing on the episcopate and diocesan staff, Standing Committee, Executive Council, Diocesan Convention, and deaneries. The Standing Committee and Executive Council constitute the COG, each appointing three members. The COG reports to the Standing Committee.


Committee on Nominations

The Committee on Nominations coordinates the nominations to Diocesan Convention. The Nominating Committee proposes candidates to serve as deputies at the General Convention as well as to serve on diocesan bodies such as the Standing Committee and Executive Council. We try to ensure the slate of candidates for these positions reflects the demographic composition of our diocese and the Bay Area. Our work also is designed to make sure we don't have any vacancies for positions that must be filled by the Diocesan Convention — or ones that are filled by people who don't know what they are getting into. Candidates can still be nominated from the floor on the day of the Convention, but those advanced by the Committee will have had their names and information out for review for several weeks by then. The Nominating Committee usually meets in person for our first session and until we are done we meet by phone every other week (or so).

Committee on Nominations chair: Diane FitzGibbon

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Standing Committee

Information on the Standing Committee of the Diocese of California is available on the Standing Committee page, click here.