Peace, Justice, and Hunger Commission

Welcome to the DioCal web page for the Peace, Justice, and Hunger Commission.

The mission of the Peace, Justice and Hunger Commission is guided by the Baptismal Covenant “to strive for justice and peace among all people.” The Commission works through prayer and study to promote advocacy and action. The Commission also supports, through small grants, groups in the Diocese and community that focus on Social Justice and poverty issues.

The Peace, Justice and Hunger Commission has been and continues to be active in Urban Peace work, to end the violence on our streets, by participating in and helping to organize events such as Stand Ins, pictured above; Night Walks; and legislative reform. The Commission has also been and continues to be active in international Peace work, in promoting peace in the Mideast; the Commission continues to call for an end to the death penalty and to the needless incarceration of our people. The Commission works to end poverty, racism and injustice.

The PJH Commission is currently reaching out to recruit more members from other parts of the diocese.

The commission's meeting dates are usually monthly. They are flexible with specific dates because many members have active travel schedules. They meet at St. Paul’s, Oakland in the Chapter Room at 6 p.m.

Activities are usually posted in the diocesan newsletter and by direct emails. Sign up for Diocesan newsletter here, and email to receive direct updates.

To become involved in the Peace, Justice, and Hunger Commission or to request more information, please contact its Chair, Sheila Sims at

Funds are needed to support ongoing organization of congregations’ work on social justice. You can donate here.