Commissions and Task Forces

Afro-Anglican Commission

The Afro-Anglican Commission acts as advisory to the office of the bishop to increase communication and address concerns of Episcopalians of African descent.
Chair: the Rev. Dr. Kwasi Thornell,

Asian/Pacific Islander Commission

The Asian/Pacific Islander Commission — as the diocesan branch of the Episcopal Asiamerica Ministry (EAM) — seeks to strengthen and support the ministries of Asian, Pacific Islander, and multi-ethnic congregations; their leaders and the Asian/Pacific Islander and Asian/Pacific Islander-American clergy; mentor and support new leaders for this ministry; and serve as a resource to educate the diocesan family about the various Asian/Pacific Islander cultures and ministries of the APIC. Click here for the full description and list of churches currently participate as members of the Asian/Pacific Islander Commission (APIC) of the Diocese of California (with the languages used in their worship services).
Chair: the Rev. Debra Low-Skinner.

Commission on Creation Care

The Commission on Creation Care (CCC) engages the Diocese of California in the work of restoring its relationship with “this fragile earth, our island home” and the rest of life that inhabits it. The immediate concern is climate change and the moral responsibility of the church in addressing environmental degradation. We strive for a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimensions of ecological problems, and we work to enable Episcopal congregations to become centers of ecological understanding, action, and healing. The commission offers itself as a resource to parishes, deaneries, and all in our diocese working towards restoring our relationship with God’s Creation.

For resources from the CCC, click here.


Peace, Justice, and Hunger Commission

Visit page here.

Chair, Sheila Sims,


Diocesan Liturgical Commission

In October 2019, delegates to the 170th Convention of the Diocese of California voted to create a diocesan liturgical commission. The commission’s duties, detailed here, include implementing a process for laity and clergy throughout the diocese to be informed of and provide input about proposed liturgical revisions coming before the 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church in 2021.

To fill the commission, Bishop Marc will appoint four to six lay and four to six ordained members who reflect the cultures and regions of our diocese, and at least one of whom is a trained theologian, at least one of whom is a practicing church musician, and at least one of whom is a member of the General Convention deputation.

If you would like to be considered for the commission, please indicate your interest by filling out this form.

Further questions may be directed to DioCal Working Group Head for Communications Stephanie Martin Taylor at


Diocesan Task Force on Disability and Deaf Access

At October’s 170th Convention of the Diocese of California, delegates voted to create a Task Force on Disability and Deaf Access. Duties, detailed on page 3 here, include creating a best practices guide for voluntary disability and Deaf access for diocesan institutions and congregations, conducting a review of accessibility policies and procedures throughout the diocese, and reporting findings from the review.

Chair: Jack Fagan