Bishops of California

First dates listed are years of birth and death. Last dates are years in office. Coadjutor bishops assist, and then succeed, serving bishops at times of death or retirement. Suffragan bishops assist, but do not succeed, serving bishops, and are listed below, indented. Crosses + placed after dates means bishops died in office.

I. William Ingraham Kip*

(1811-1893) (missionary bishop 1853-1856) 1856-1893+

II. William Ford Nichols

(1849-1924) (coadjutor 1890-1893) 1893-1924+

III. Edward Lambe Parsons

(1868-1960) (coadjutor 1919-1924) 1924-1940

IV. Karl Morgan Block

(1886-1958) (coadjutor 1938-1940) 1940-1958+ (died in Grace Cathedral)

Henry H. Shires

(1886-1961) suffragan 1950-1958

V. James Albert Pike

(1913-1969) (coadjutor 1958) 1958-1966

Richard Millard

(1914-2018) suffragan 1960-1975 (later Bishop of The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, 1979-1980)

VI. C. Kilmer Myers

(1916-1981) (coadjutor, Diocese of Michigan 1964-1966) 1967-1979

VII. William E. Swing

1936) (coadjutor 1979) 1981-2006

VIII. Marc Handley Andrus

(b. 1956) (suffragan, Diocese of Alabama 2002-2006) 2006-present

*Bishop Kip was consecrated and sent to California as a missionary bishop. He arrived in 1854 and was elected diocesan 1857.