Faith IN.FORM.ED Archive

Faith IN.FORM.ED (formerly Grow Up in Every Way (GUiEW)) is published monthly for everyone in Faith Formation ministry in the Diocese of California.



May 28, 2021 - in this issue - everything about Juneteenth in the Diocese of California

In this issue: Faith Formation at the Annual Meeting + Guidelines and Legalities for Online Annual Meetings

In this issue: Advent & Christmas resources, new formation website, forma conference, and more!

In this issue: regathering plans, vote faithfully, and this is not Sunday school 

In this issue: it's summer, try to relax; A meeting with the COVID-19 Task Force, Sacred Ground, and more!

In this issue: This is a Moment; Resources for Talking about Race with Families; Resources for Adults; Church Level Faith Formation for Talking About Race

In this issue: Shelter in Hope; Family Ministry Support; VBS - what now?

In this issue: Nothing About This is Normal; Our Favorite Online Resources; Online Faith Formation Workshops

In this issue: Dirt Made My Lunch, Eastertide & a Focus on New Life, From the Resource Center: Our Favorite VBS for 2020

In this issue: Resolution Redux, Amy's Online Lenten Resources, From the Resource Center: Ideas for Lent

In this issue: Advent or Anxiety?, Confirmation Options for 2019


In this issue: Special Calendar Edition — What's in store for the next 8 months

In this issue: Training is for Everyone

In this issue: Connecting Summer Camp and Your Congregation

In this issue: Whole & Healthy Church — a New Model for Safe Church; Research on a Culture of Lifelong Faith Formation; Diocesan Convention Official Youth Presence

In this issue: A Meditation Heading into Holy Week 

In this issue: How to have the Best Summer Ever | Youth Ministry Symposium - The Confirmation Project | EcoConfirmation | VBS Ideas from the Resource Center | and more!

In this Issue: Confirmation 2019 | Resource Center: Black History Month | Beloved Community Training - February 23 | CDSP Youth Ministry Symposium - March 16 | and more!

Faith InFormEd - December 2018

In this Issue: Christmas Hospitality | Resource Center: Epiphany | Godly Play Training | MLK@Grace | and more!

In this Issue: Decolonizing Thanksgiving | Resource Center: Advent Reading | 2019 Forma Conference | Children's Ministry | and more!

In this Issue: Get Ready to Get Ready: Advent Ideas | Resource Center: Stewardship | Safe Church Updates | and more!

In this Issue: Where did summer go? | Resource Center Reccomendations | New Book Alert | Pneuma Conference | and more!

In This Issue: What can the Faith Formation Working Group do for you? | Choosing Curriculum | Faith at Home | and more!

In This Issue: How do you honor graduates? | Summer is Coming | The First-Ever LGBTQ Religious Children's Books Published | and more!