Invitation to donate to the Camp Scholarship Fund honoring Bishop Marc and Dr. Sheila

Apr 11, 2024 | #Stories

A message from the Ven. Cn. Nina Pickerrell

We want to honor in a very special way Bishop Marc and Dr. Sheila Andrus as they move into retirement. Over 100 years ago, the Rev. James Otis Lincoln and his wife Nellie Lincoln were moved to start a camp for children with critical illnesses. Each year over 400 children come to St. Dorothy’s Rest at no cost to “experience the sacredness and healing of heart that nature provides.” In a similar spirit, The Bishop’s Ranch, which was realized by Bishop Karl Morgan Block, provides scholarships for its youth camps.

It is our desire to continue this legacy by funding camp scholarships in the Andrus’ name. Living into the Beloved Community, they understand that all of God’s children should share in the wealth of the earth—so this is a fitting tribute.

We hope you can contribute to this fund. The goal is to raise at least $150,000, which will ensure that children continue to experience the joy of camp for years to come.

All donations are welcome! 

And, we are so excited that the first $50,000 raised will be matched! Donors at the $10,000 level and above will be recognized with a nameplate at St. Dorothy’s Ranch or The Bishop’s Ranch. If you could consider a gift of any amount, it would be so meaningful.

Download the invitational letter >>

Photos from Bishop’s Ranch | Photos from St. Dorothy’s Rest

Donation Instructions:

Please make out your check to the Diocese of California and in the memo section write in “Youth Camps”.

Mail to:
Diocese of California
Attn: The Ven. Cn. Nina Pickerrell
1055 Taylor Street
San Francisco, CA. 94124

For your records, the TaxID for DioCal is 94-1156840
Ellie Simpson
Author: Ellie Simpson



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