Bishop Marc Statement on the Uvalde School Shooting

From Bishop Marc’s Facebook post on May 24

Words cannot express the horror, shock and grief that Sheila and I are feeling as we watch the news unfolding about today’s mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. At this time, fourteen children — second, third, and fourth graders ­­­– and one teacher are confirmed to have been killed. The 18-year-old alleged shooter is also deceased. While we await more details, let us pray for the souls of all who have been lost to this senseless act of violence. Let us also pray for the injured, the first responders treating them, and the many terrified children, parents, and community members in the Uvalde community: This atrocity coming on the heels of the devastating terrorist attack in Buffalo is further proof, proof that should be unnecessary, that our country is in the grip of violent racism.
Loving God, your Son showed us that to love and care for children is how we enter the Beloved Community. We repent of the many ways we have neglected children, not least how we refuse to control our inordinate fascination with guns. We pray today, rededicating ourselves to be more like Jesus, to leave violence behind and to embrace peace.
Most vulnerable, we know, are Black, brown, and Indigenous children, children we care for and protect the least. Help us mend our hearts, our wills, our communities, and our nation, so that all your children are valued and protected.
And we pray for the families and loved ones of these children and their teacher who have been taken from them by violence. We know that you are always with all of life; may we be instruments, too, of your peace and healing.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen.
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  1. Chris

    “ This atrocity … is further proof, proof that should be unnecessary, that our country is in the grip of violent racism.“

    Let us be vigilant in not viewing things through a ever prevalent black and white lens. Yes, the Buffalo shooting can fall under the racism label. With regards to Uvalde, not so as it was a Latino shooter perpetuating a great sin against a predominantly Latin community. Both incidences can be labeled as lapses in mental health, as well as spiritual and family health intervention. Let us be ever more aware of today’s isolating factors which leads to so much fracture from a healthy, healing, and holy view of God’s desire.


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